Getting licensed to ride a 50cc moped

If you’re not quite sure what you need to do to be able to ride a moped then the below chart should make things a lot easier.
Riding  a moped chart

This describes the processes for being able to ride on the lowest powered moped with a 50cc engine which will get a top speed of around 28mph, which is the only moped that 16 year olds are allowed to ride. It is also the only moped that car drivers who passed their test before February 2001 are able to ride without having to take a CBT as the entitlement is already on their licence. Even though this is the case it’s recommended that they take some training to get used to riding with 2 wheels on the road.

The benefit of having a car licence already is that when you pass your CBT (if required) you don’t need to display ‘L’ plates and can carry a passenger, which are restrictions for those who only have a provisional licence. It is all explained above in clarity.

If you are older then you will be able to progressively ride larger bikes with larger engines, progressing from mopeds through to motorbikes if you want. The diagram below shows this as an example of if you are 17 years of age or over and this continues as you get older and the more experience you get.